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Mudroom Showroom
Mudroom Toledo Showroom is an online lifestyle brand that serves to connect outdoor enthusiasts with a collection of unique, curated products available for purchase at Its founder, Betsey Davis, is an avid outdoorsperson and a seasoned traveler. Betsey has a sense of enduring exploration and a curiosity that she loves to share with others. In other words, she’s an adventurer and a storyteller.

Betsey desires that develop a following that she refers to as “The Mudroom Tribe.” She wants to inspire her tribe of likeminded adventure seekers to disconnect digitally and reconnect personally —with the outdoors, with others and with themselves. She invites them to tell their stories of adventure on Mudroom’s Facebook page. She wants to create community. features a collection of high-quality products that are carefully curated and ethically sourced to provide truly unique, original pieces that are both useful and inspirational. There are beautiful baskets from Morocco that are made from a government sponsored program that uses indigenous and renewable fiber — jonc. There are poises and topiaries and also a collection of vintage sports items. Betsey has used her outdoor life as a child and world travels as a wholesaler for 25 years—when she sourced from 10 countries to supply major companies and catalogs— to inspire the Mudroom brand. has a showroom at 425 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 101, downtown adjacent to Seagate Center. Check Facebook for posted showroom openings or you can visit online at


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