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Parking in Downtown Toledo 

Toledo’s central location along major highways makes it an easily accessible destination. Once you’re here, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to stay. Walkable, bikable and parkable, Toledo gives commuters, residents and visitors a variety of safe, cost-effective places to store their ride. Downtown’s parking options include open lots, multi-level structures and over 950 metered spaces along our streets. 

Parking Garages, Private Lots and Event Parking

Our map below shows the numerous parking options available. Parking garages are the most affordable, have monthly rates and offer protection from the weather. Private lots offer monthly rates as well as daytime, evening and special event parking. Nighttime rates vary based on the event and the anticipated crowds.

Street Meters

ParkSmart maintains the 950 metered parking spots lining the streets of downtown Toledo. Simplifying the payment process, all meters offer the convenient Parkmobile app where you can use your IOS or Android phone for payment. You can register multiple vehicles and associated credit cards. The app will text you giving a 5-minute heads-up that the meter is about to expire. Zone time restrictions apply. The Parkmobile app is accepted in 3,000 locations throughout the United States.

All meters also accept coins and most accept credit cards.

Most meters have a two-hour time limit, however, there are some that are 15 minutes and all-day. Read the instructions on the meter or signage nearby for clarity. Handicap meters are available and are identified by nearby signage. Metered parking hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Parking tickets are accelerated and do not reset annually. This is to encourage the timely payment of tickets and discourage habitual, repeat offenders.
1st-4th Offense: $10
5th-9th Offense: $20
10th+ Offense: $30


Meters can be reserved for special events or construction vehicles. Call ParkSmart at 419-242-7515 for more information.


Street Kiosks

New to downtown Toledo effective October 4, 2021, parking kiosks have been added to Summit Street and Erie Street. They are located between Jackson and Monroe streets are are used to encourage parking turnover. Like the parking meters elsewhere in downtown, they are in use Monday through Friday from 8a.m.-6p.m. and have a two-hour time limit unless otherwise denoted. 

The kiosks accept coin, credit card or the ParkMobile app. When using the kiosk, enter your license plate number. You will not be required to place a receipt on the dashboard.

Parking offenses are the same as parking meters.

This map indicates where the kiosks are located.


Pay a Ticket

Got a parking ticket? It happens. Take care of it quickly and easily by visiting 


Parking Garages, Private Lots and Event Parking (move to below pay a ticket)

Our map below shows the parking options available that offer 19,000 spots. Parking garages are the most affordable and offer protection from the weather. Private lots offer monthly rates as well as daytime, evening and special event parking.Nighttime rates vary based on the event and the anticipated crowds. Contact information for our largest parking vendors are:

119 N Erie - (419) 787-5672

140 N Erie - (419) 725-4367

615 Monroe St. - (419) 241-1117

Fan Park - (419) 266-3300

Four SeaGate - (517) 351-2480

Huntington Center -  (419) 266-3300

KWIK/EZ Park - (419) 327-2500

Main Library - (419) 259-5200

ParkSmart - (416) 242-7515

Premier Parking - (419) 787-5672

Rue Park - (419) 725-4367

SeaGate Convention Centre - (419) 255-3300

Summit St. Garage - (517) 351-2480

Ted's Hamburger - (419) 276-5656


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