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Ditch the Commute and Make Up for Lost Time

The Texas Transportation Institute estimates that the average urban commuter wastes about 42 hours a year sitting in traffic. Essentially a full work week is spent waiting to get there or, worse yet, waiting to leave. But Toledo’s resurgence has led to a boom in residential development, meaning more people have more opportunities to leave their commute in the dust.

While shifting to life in an urban center benefits your commute, it’s about lifestyle, with an emphasis on the style. The architecture that made many of these buildings so iconic was preserved during their renovation, so downtown’s residences capture a truly historic aesthetic. With that feature exposed brick and beautiful views of the entire downtown area, you won’t be able to resist showing off to all your friends. When they’re done taking in the view, it’s time to take advantage of the nightlife, and you’ll be thankful that it’s just outside your door. Because when you’re at the heart of it all, you get to sit back, relax and wait for the action come to you.

Want to Live in Downtown Toledo?

If you’re coming downtown for work and play, you might as well come down to stay. Whether you want to make it permanent or just test the waters with a lease, Toledo has spacious, contemporary living arrangements ready for you in a variety of prices and sizes.

It’s all about fit. So which is right for you?

Keep your options open and stay flexible by renting in one of downtown’s several high-rise apartment buildings. Renting has a number of advantages, including:

  • Huge availability in multiple buildings, including studio, 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom units
  • New buildings are currently being renovated and new, ultra-modern units will be available soon
  • No hassle maintenance
  • Some utilities may be covered

Build equity over time and give yourself an asset for the future by investing in downtown’s booming real estate market.

While more complicated, buying has distinct advantages. Including:

  • No threat of rent increases, pet fees or deposits
  • Tax benefits
  • The potential to lease out
  • More cost effective long-term

While each choice has its own unique benefits, only you know which is right for you. No matter what you decide, there are options downtown that will fit your lifestyle, time frame and budget. And more are being added every day.


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