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The Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) launched June 15, 2017 in portions of downtown Toledo’s Central and Warehouse Districts. The DORA allows patrons of one of the 24 participating restaurants, pubs, and entertainment venues to carry up to 16 oz. of an open alcoholic beverage in a designated cup. The area bounded by Summit, Adams, Lafayette, and Erie streets comprises the DORA.


  1. Cups are allowed daily between noon and midnight.
  2. Patrons cannot carry cups into another business location. They must remain outdoors.
  3. Cups must stay within the DORA. Look for the signs that indicate the boundaries.

ORA map - Downtown Toledo



1. Where are Outdoor Refreshment Areas in Toledo? What are their hours?

Toledo has two Outdoor Refreshment Areas: DORA in the Central and Warehouse Districts and along Adams Street in the Uptown District. The two do not overlap and operate independently. Refer to the map above.


The area bounded by Summit, Adams, Lafayette, and Erie streets comprises the Downtown Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA). Cups are sold in the DORA between noon and 1:00 am daily.

Adams St. Outdoor Refreshment Area

The Adams St. Outdoor Refreshment Area exists along Adams Street between 11th St. and 21st St. Cups are sold 5pm-1am Monday through Friday and 12pm-1am on weekends.


2. Can I walk anywhere with my DORA cup?

No, you must stay within the DORA boundaries of Summit, Adams, Lafayette, and Erie streets. Leaving the DORA with an alcoholic beverage breaks State of Ohio and City of Toledo open containers laws.


3. Can I take my DORA cup to the Adams St. Outdoor Refreshment Area (and vice versa)?

You cannot carry a cup between the DORA and Adams St. Outdoor Refreshment Area. Cups must be thrown away at the boundaries of the districts in which they were purchased.

 Dora logo sign


4. Can I take my DORA cup back inside the establishment in which it was purchased?

No, once a DORA cup has left a business, it must be consumed before you enter any establishment other than a residence. This includes reentering the business in which it was purchased or entering a new business.


5. Can I take an empty DORA cup into a business so I can reuse it?

No, you must throw away a DORA cup before entering any business.


6. What types of alcoholic beverage can I have in my DORA cup?

Beer, wine, and liquor are all allowable drinks in DORA cups. Drinks must be purchased from a participating business.


7. Can I bring my own alcoholic beverage, pour it into a DORA cup, and walk around in the DORA?

No, only drinks purchased from businesses participating in the DORA are allowed. No cans, glass bottles, or outside drinks are permitted within the boundaries.


Note: All State of Ohio and City of Toledo laws regarding public intoxication, impaired driving, and open containers apply to areas both inside and outside of the DORA boundaries. Please drink responsibly.

For more information on Outdoor Refreshment Areas, please refer to Toledo Municipal Code § 331.43.


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