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April 19th, or 419 Day, is always a celebration in downtown Toledo.  Our various venues demonstrate their love for our beloved area code and all things Toledo and northwest Ohio.  The third Thursday in April is also the start of The Loop, or our art walk, sponsored by the Arts Commission.  When both happen on the same day, we have a downtown holiday.  Here are the highlights of ...

  You might recognize this handsome boy from Instagram as @fennie_the_lab where he has an impressive following just shy of 8,000. Fenway, or Fennie as he is affectionately nick named, is a local 15-year-old chocolate lab “chariot driver and adventurer” who has been sharing his explorations of Downtown Toledo and the surrounding area on social media since March of 2014. In his ...

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ConnecToledo Downtown Development Corporation is a 501(c)3 organization committed to the redevelopment of downtown Toledo. This is accomplished by connecting public and private investment to facilitate the implementation of the Downtown Toledo Master Plan and other community priorities, including marketing, event management, environmental maintenance, safety and economic development services. The goal is an exceptional experience for those who invest, play, work, dine, shop and live in downtown.

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