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Toledo City Council approves new Community Entertainment Districts in Downtown Toledo

On April 12, 2022, Toledo City Council voted to establish seven new Community Entertainment Districts (CEDs) in downtown Toledo. ConnecToledo Downtown Development Corporation worked with the City of Toledo and business community to facilitate the implementation of the CEDs as a resource to spur further economic growth and development.

A CED is a tool permissible by the State of Ohio that allows for additional liquor licenses in a defined geographic area that do not count towards the City’s or County’s liquor license quotas. Licenses are allocated based on the size of the CED (1 license per 5 acres) with a maximum of 15 licenses in an individual district. Liquor licenses are allocated by the State of Ohio based on county population, and as Lucas County continues to lose population, we also lose access to liquor licenses. On the open market, full liquor licenses can cost as much as $25,000-$30,000, while the D5J liquor licenses, available to establishments located in a CED, cost $2,344. This alleviates a tremendous startup cost for new businesses in downtown Toledo.

Prior to Toledo City Council’s passage, downtown Toledo contained four CEDs with several at or near their limits for available liquor licenses. Downtown Toledo has many restaurants and entertainment venues that already have liquor licenses, but as downtown continues to grow, so does demand for more liquor licenses.

A property owner is required to sponsor an application for a new CED considered by the State of Ohio. Applicants were:

  1. Will Lucas, TolHouse (approved in 2021)
  2. Andrew Newby, 1301 Adams
  3. Ed Beczynski, The Blarney
  4. Matt Rubin, Crane Development
  5. Kevin Prater, Prater Development
  6. Joe Marck, IBC Properties
  7. Danny Dymarkowski, Dymarkowski Development
  8. Dave Zenk, Toledo Metroparks


ConnecToledo took a comprehensive look at existing liquor license holders as well as areas in downtown Toledo in which economic growth is anticipated. These areas are the Main Street/Front Street in East Toledo, areas south of the Erie Street Market, additional coverage in the UpTown neighborhood, Fort Industry Square, the “Four Corners” at Madison/Huron and the Middlegrounds District. The next step is for the districts to receive final approval from the State of Ohio.


If you desire to understand more about CEDs and liquor licenses, please call ConnecToledo’s VP Cindy Kerr at 1-419-249-5494 or the City of Toledo’s Deputy Director of Economic Development Sandy Spang at 419-245-1614.

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