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Downtown Toledo Ambassador celebrates 10 years of service

Downtown Toledo Ambassador celebrates 10 years of service

Dan Ditty is celebrating being a downtown Toledo ambassador for 10 years.  Dan is a downtown favorite amongst our workers, residents and visitors.  Always smiling and willing to help, we appreciate him for his service and gregarious attitude.

Over these 10 years, he has walked an estimated 26 million steps or 12,000 miles and has seen it all.  We took the time to ask him a few questions.


What do you love about your job and working downtown?

Every day is different and there’s always something new to do.  I’ve enjoyed watching downtown begin its renaissance and now flourish.  With additional activity comes more people to meet, give directions, suggest restaurants, greet parents and children as they head to Imagination Station, or offer a bottle of water to someone on a hot summer day.


What is the most unusual thing you have done or seen?

There was a camel loose on St Clair Street following an event.  I chased it down and caught it.  He was faster than he looks.


What types of emergency situations have you responded to?

I’ve called 911 numerous times when we’ve encountered people having a health crisis.  I’m glad that I can assist.  I’m also proud that the ambassadors are trained in CPR and can aid in a time of crisis.

I also remember an 8-year-old girl who became lost during a parade.  I hoisted her on my shoulders, and we looked for her parents.  We found them!


The Downtown Toledo Ambassadors are a service of ConnecToledo, Downtown Development Corporation and the Downtown Toledo Improvement District.  They work 7 days a week and help keep the public spaces clean and orderly; provide hospitality services such as directions, flat tire changes and event management; and work with property owners/businesses/Toledo Police on safety issues.  They’re here to serve you… always with a smile!

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